NIU UQi Plus Electric Scooter

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Up to 115 km of Freedom

Choose your range. Niu UQi+ is available in both the 1488Wh standard range (85 km) and the 115 km extended range. Standard range and extended range batteries are interchangeable.

Amazing Performance

UQi+ scooters have an incredible amount of power to accelerate uphill and stop on a dime.

– 500W Motor (max. 750W)

– Powerful Regenerative Braking + Electronic Braking System (EBS)

– 15° Uphill Climbing

Connected 24/7

Pair your phone with Niu scooter and get access to all the best features and options which you can't have from the dashboard:

✔ Real-Time GPS Tracking
✔ Anti-theft Alert + Alarm
✔ Unauthorized Movement Notifications
✔ Riding Stats
✔ Remote Diagnosis
✔ One-Click Service Support
✔ Lock/Unlock Scooter

Removable Battery for Easy Charging

Pop out the battery and charge it separately at home, at work or on the go. And you can buy extra ones so that you'll always have a fully charged battery to swap.

Fully Ergonomic

UQi+ scooters give you better comfort with full (front and rear) suspension, low center of gravity, 3-point stability, and overall posture.

Engineered to Last

Niu is known for its premium performance scooters offering a next-level experience.

– Strong Aluminum Frame

– Puncture Proof Tubeless Tires

– High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

– Tested for Everything