NQi GT Electric Scooter

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Range. Up to 160 km
Speed. 70 km/h
Motor. Powerful new 60V, 3000W (3500W max.) Bosch motor
Battery. Improved 4th gen. NIU Energy dual lithium battery pack
Design. Classic design with modern display
Smart. APP connectivity with anti-theft system, geolocation, remote diagnosis, ride stats, etc.

Premium Performance

Get to your destination fast. The NQi GT has a 3000W Bosch motor that cranks out a top speed of 70km/h, and a range of well over 100km with its 2-removable Panasonic batteries. 

Removable Panasonic Battery Packs

NQi GT scooters are fitted with 2 removable lithium batteries of 4200Wh (60V35Ah x 2) boasting an autonomy of 135 km. At under 12 kg each, you can easily carry the batteries into your home and charge them in any standard wall outlet, just like your computer.

Smart Scooter

The NQi GT has an on-board computer that constantly communicates with the cloud so you can view real-time data on your smart phone like GPS, recent rides, and even anti-theft alerts.

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