Explore Montreal’s northeast by going scooter sightseeing.

Join us for our morning scooter sightseeing tour. We will show you four vibrant districts just north of downtown Montreal: Plateau, Mile-end, Little Italy and Mile-Ex. Our scooters are fully electric and no driver's license is needed. Training, accessories, and snacks are included.
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You'll discover the Plateau, Mile End, Mile-Ex, Little Italy and the engaging mix of communities - Hassidic Jewish, Greek, Italian, Anglophone, Francophone, and others - who have given these districts their special brand of energy and kick. We’ll also take you backstage to explore urban gems such as hidden alleyways, and race around the lively Parc Lafontaine. Along the road, we’ll grab some puffy bagels, one of Montreal’s iconic cuisines, and fresh juice, and then ride up to the Jean Talon market (one of the oldest local farmers market) to enjoy a picnic. On Sundays, we'll zip by the drum circles at the foot of Mount Royal.

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