Go on a night scooter tour with Dyad.

Book a night tour with us. Some of the best scooter riding happens at night – out in the warm air of summer evenings, on empty(ish) streets, surrounded by a squad of scooter riding buds. Our electric scooters are fully electric -- no driver's license is needed. Training, accessories, and light snacks are included.
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Our tours will take you through the Latin Quarter, Chinatown, Old Port, Canal Lachine, South West, and the McGill Ghetto. Starting when the lights go on, we’ll head south to the busy Latin Quarter, the pint-sized but colourful Chinatown, and the historic waterfront district. From the pier, we’ll follow the Canal Lachine’s waterfront path for a while until we hit the animated areas of the southwest filled with pubs, eateries and music. After that, we will turn around and head back to the starting point. We’ll then do a quick hook by the Place-des-Arts and McGill University campus before landing at Dyad. You’ll definitely enjoy the contrast of experiences by day versus by night.

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