Dyad Certified

Dyad Certified Pre-Loved.

Before they get certified, Dyad electric scooters and electric bikes go through rigorous testing,
ensuring high quality at an affordable price and include up to 6 months of warranty!



Physical Inspection

Quality physical inspection: while pre-loved Dyad units aren’t new, it doesn’t have to look that way. We ensure they are free of major cosmetic defects like big scratches and blemishes.





Functional Tests

Functional tests: we make sure everything works as it is supposed to and is free of functional defects.

We thoroughly inspect and restore all pre-loved units, including things like the motor, the lights, all wires and electrical/mechanical components and the battery.





6-Month Warranty

Warranty: all certified Dyad are covered by a 6-month warranty for parts and labour.

We stand behind our certified scooters and bikes.



Limited time offer:

Buy a refreshed Dyad before May 1st and get one free servicing.

Enjoy affordability with certified reliability.

What you get with a Certified Dyad:

  • Up to 6-month transferable warranty
  • 1 free servicing
  • Battery and charger
  • While quantities last

More Benefits

  • Prolonged Test Ride
  • Financing
  • Access to trade-in
  • 5 star support



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FAQs on Dyad Certified Units

If you don’t find your answer on this page, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you.

How long have Dyad pre-owned been previously enjoyed and where are they coming from?

Most refreshed Dyads are former rental units that were on duty for a maximum of one summer. They went through regular checkups and service maintenance throughout their life in our rental fleet. Non-fleet units have been enjoyed by their owner for a maximum of 3 years. ALL certified scooters and bikes have passed our quality standards and are ready to be enjoyed by a new owner.

Do I need a licence to ride a Dyad?

No. Dyad electric scooters and electric bikes are legally classified as power-assisted bicycles. Please see our FAQ section for details on that topic.

How long is the warranty period?

All pre-owned Dyad are covered by a 6-month warranty for parts and labour. This excludes lead acid batteries which are covered for 90 days. Lithium batteries are covered for 6 months.