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Sightseeing Tech for the Future…Now

We can’t promise you a flying car just yet, but we can surely take you for a ride on a Dyad e-scooter — 100% electric.
What we promise? Exceptional amusement opportunities. Genuinely cool guides. A city who loves
to live and laugh. Two wheels, a fully loaded battery, and a helmet: that’s all you need.


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What Travellers Are Saying About Dyad

Our team works hard to deliver sightseeing tours that you will like.

  • This is a really fun, unique way to explore Montreal. We took the all-in-one tour, which ended up only having my partner and I booked on, so we essentially had a private sightseeing tour of the city. Our tour guide was great fun, and definitely helped us discover real Montreal, not just the usual tourist experience. Highly recommended.


  • We had a group of 6 ranging in age from 6 years old to 72 years old and we had a blast. From the moment we arrived the staff were so accomadating and cheerful. Mom, the 72 yo tried to ride but was very nervous. They actually took her to a back parking lot for extra instruction but she never really was comfortable so she ended up riding with the guide David who was so nice. The 6 and 9 year olds rode on back of two of us. You must be 18 to ride alone. If you have ever ridden any kind of scooter or motorcycle these are very easy to ride. My sister who had never ridden any kind of motorized bike took only a short time to learn and then was a speed demon!

    jode1992 / TripAdvisor

  • We did the Montreal scooter your for $89 and it was worth every penny. Our tour guide David was awesome and very knowledgable. This is a must do when visiting Montreal.

    Brandon S / Yelp

  • Spent saturday afternoon touring montreal with David as our guide. Top bloke and couldnt have changed anything to make it better. Saw alot of great places and learnt alot about the city and its surroundings. Great staff in the shop that hooked us up with our bikes and very friendly. I am usually a pretty stern person with reviews, but today I cant pick a fault....Spot on everywhere

    Lee O / TripAdvisor

Browse Questions on Sightseeing Tours


Is that easy to ride a scooter?

It’s almost like riding a traditional bike, but more comfortable. Although it’s intuitive, nobody is born knowing how to operate it. That is why we offer 10-20 minutes of training to get you on the road. We will practice until everyone feels comfortable and ready to tour Montreal. Note that training time varies with group size and skill level. For those who haven’t ridden in a big city, we adapt any of the itineraries shown to suit you as much as possible.

The recap is not part of the overall tour time. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your tour departure time.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t know how to ride a bike this activity is not a good match. You may, however, ride as a co-pilot. Should this be your case please call or email us.

Who can participate in our sightseeing tours of Montreal?

Our scooter sightseeing tours of Montreal are designed for ages 18 and up. Younger participants (13 years & +) are welcome as co-pilots only. They must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Young child seats/trailers are not available.


If you don’t know how to ride a bicycle this activity is not a good match. You may, however, ride as a co-pilot. Contact us if you have questions.

No pregnant women due to fall risk.

Not recommended for guests 70+ or with mobility or balance issues.

If you book a tour and do not show minimal riding skills you will either be given a refund or offered the co-pilot seat (for instance, our tour guide or your traveling companion, if you are traveling with another person, will ride with you on the same scooter).

What conditions must I comply with to participate in a sightseeing tour of Montreal?

You will need to comply with the conditions below:

Be over 18 years old and provide 2 valid pieces of ID. Riders age 18 or over do not require a driver licence to operate an electric scooter but must show valid ID cards with pictures and proof of age (driver’s license, sunlife card, passport, etc.) at the departure point.

Dyad electric scooters are legally classified as power-assisted bicycles. This means that they are bound by the same laws that apply to traditional bikes, not motorcycles or cars.

Read and sign all sightseeing tour documents and waiver release.

Wear a helmet (it is required by law) and complete our free and easy training.

You must respect road signs, pedestrians, bikes and cars for a safe enjoyable ride.

Any damages to scooter or property are the responsibility of the rider.

Reservation, Modification, Cancellation and No Show

Reservations require a full advance payment via credit card or debit card. Other people may be waiting to book their tours during the same time frame.

If you’ve just arrived in Montreal and want to join last minute, please call and email us to see if we can fit you in.

It’s fine if you want to change your tour to another date. Get in touch with us 48 hours or more prior to the scheduled tour with your reservation details.

If you cancel 48 hours or more prior to the scheduled sightseeing tour, we’ll refund the full prepaid amount.

If you cancel between 24 to 48 hours prior to the scheduled sightseeing tour, we’ll refund the prepaid amount less a 50% processing fee.

If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled sightseeing tour, we’ll keep the full prepaid amount.

No shows are charged in full.

All modification or cancellation requests can be done online, by phone or in person by contacting directly the Dyad shop where you intend (or intended) to departure. You will find the contact details of all Dyad shops on our “Store Finder” page. Remember to provide our staff with your previous reservation details. A confirmation of modification or cancellation will be sent to you by email. This confirmation will state the amount of your reimbursement and the amounts charged to your credit/debit card, if any. Credits will be refunded within seven days back to the card used for prepayment.

What should I wear?

It is suggested that you do not wear flip-flops, open-toe sandals, or high heels.

Helmets are required and will be provided.

What happens if it rains?

We run tours rain or shine and have plenty of rain ponchos. We find tours in the rain to be a different kind of fun and an even more fun memory!

If weather is really bad (i.e. unsafe and dangerous), we may have to postpone, reschedule, or cancel the tour. Please provide local/anywhere contact information (mobile or email) for us to get in touch with you. If we have to cancel due to weather, we will refund the full prepaid amount.

Pick up + Drop Off Service for Scooters or People

Pick-up/drop-off may be arranged at a modest fee. Please contact us for information.

Liability in Case of Accident

You should have coverage through your own accident and liability insurance. We are not responsible under any circumstances for accidents or damages caused to you or which you caused to any third party or cases of liability.