• Minimal Commuter

    Dyad E500 has been designed to offer essential functions for use in the urban environment, as an “urban minimal commuter,” and features a slim design that breaks out of the image of 50cc scooters until now.

    Why You'll Like It

    Removable Battery. Remove the battery and plug it into any socket.
    No Driver's Licence. No Plate. You don't need a driver's licence if you're 18 and over.
    Easy. As easy as 1,2,3.
    Overtake Static Cars in Traffic. Ride just to the right of traffic as a bike. It's legal.
    Sidewalk Parking. Never get a parking ticket again.
    No Sneaky Fees. No fuel. Almost no maintenance.

    Three Versions

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  • Test Ride

    Step by our shop and take a free test ride. You may even rent for a few-hour, 1-day or 2-day test rental before purchasing the electric bike. The rental fee gets waived if you purchase the bicycle.  
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    Front Brake Drum
    Rear Brake Drum
    Wheel Size 16 inches
    Scooter Size 1550x650x1000 (mm)
    Light Weight 60 kg


    No Maintenance Brushless Motor 500 Watts

    Battery Options

    Sealed Lead Acid --> up to 35 km autonomy

    Removable Sealed Lead Acid Battery
    Power Output/Capacity 48V 14Ah
    Autonomy up to 35km
    Charging Time 1h (30%) 6h-8h (100%)
    Life about 300 full charge/discharge cycles

    Lithium-Ion --> up to 90 km autonomy

    Removable Lithium Ion Battery
    Power Output/Capacity 48V 28Ah
    Autonomy up to 90 km
    Charging Time 1h (50%) 3h-4h (100%)
    Life about 800 full charge/discharge cycles

    LiFePo4 --> up to 75 km autonomy

    Removable LiFePo4 Battery
    Power Output/Capacity 48V 20Ah
    Autonomy up to 75 km
    Charging Time 1h (50%) 3h-4h (100%)
    Life about 1500 full charge/discharge cycles


    Financing available. Details in store.

    Delivery and Shipping

    Canada/United States Shipping
    Please contact us for a quote.
    Montreal Delivery = $80
    If your are living in Montreal, the electric scooter can be delivered straight to your door. If you are in the Greater Montreal area (ex. Laval, South Shore, etc.), please contact us for a quote.


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