Electric Bike Kits

Compare and pick the electric bike kit that’s best for you.

An electric bike kit allows you to enhance the bike you already know and love.
Dyad lets you choose from a variety of options to create the perfect e-bike


– For in-store installations, please add installation cost ($90) to the prices below. –


Electric Bike Kit Features

  • Lithium Battery (rack or frame mounted)
  • High Performance Motor (8Fun)
  • 3 levels of Assistance
  • Sophisticated LCD Panel
  • Available in 3 Wheel Sizes 20″, 26″, 700c

Limited time offer:

Install an electric bike kit before May 1st and get one free servicing.

What you get with Dyad:

  • Reliable electric bike kits
  • 1 year warranty
  • 1 free servicing
  • 5-star support
250W 350W 500W
Battery 9Ah


  • pedal assistance: over 80km
  • just throttle: up to 40km


  • pedal assistance: over 60km
  • just throttle: up to 30km
Battery 11.6Ah


  • pedal assistance: over 95km
  • just throttle: up to 55km


  • pedal assistance: over 75km
  • just throttle: up to 45km
Battery 15Ah


  • pedal assistance: up to 70km
  • just throttle: up to 45km